Ratepayers taken for a ride: Woke Melbourne Mayor's limousine bill exposed

Public demands accountability as virtue-signalling Lord Mayor Sally Capp's lavish $31,000 limo expenses revealed.

Ratepayers taken for a ride: Woke Melbourne Mayor's limousine bill exposed
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Melbourne's Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, is under scrutiny as documents obtained through Freedom of Information laws expose her extravagant expenditure of over $30,000 on chauffeur-driven limousine trips in the past year.

Despite promising to embrace eco-friendly alternatives like walking, cycling, or public transport, Cr Capp frequently opted for private limos in documents exposed by the Herald Sun, raising concerns about her commitment to the council's pro-cycling initiatives.

Critics argue that the substantial expenses, including a ratepayer-funded luxury BMW ride to the AFL Grand Final, contradict the mayor's pledge to travel in a manner reflecting the experiences of all Melburnians. The revelation sparked calls for Capp to reimburse the public funds.

Throughout the 12-month period ending June 30, 2023, Cr Capp took 53 limousine trips, with costs soaring to $31,636.

Notable journeys included attending the Melbourne Cup and the Matildas' World Cup semi-final. Critics emphasize the stark contrast to the city's public transport advocacy and question Capp's sense of entitlement.

In response, a spokesperson from Capp's office justified the expenses, citing the demands of civic duties and increased official engagements post-Covid recovery.

However, Council Watch president Dean Hurlston insists that the mayor should repay the costs, urging her to align with climate change values and utilise more sustainable transportation options.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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