Rebel News expelled from Trudeau’s convention in Ottawa

Canada Revenue Agency workers had threatened Trudeau that they would disrupt the first day of the Liberal National Convention if their employer didn't table a 'fair offer'. Coincidentally, this agreement was reached just before the convention had even started.

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The Liberal National Convention brought together a crowd of supporters of Trudeau and his party for three days of events from May 4-6.

The day before it started, while marking World Press Freedom Day, Trudeau tweeted:

“Journalists inform Canadians and hold governments accountable. Their work is independent and indispensable. As they continue to face harassment, censorship, and violence simply for doing their jobs, let me say this: We’ll always support and promote the freedom of the press.”

Rebel News was on the scene and we wanted to discuss with some attendees the recent controversy surrounding Chinese threats made against a current Canadian MP and his family.

We learned from the Globe and Mail that Conservative MP Michael Chong’s family members in China were targeted by the Chinese intelligence agency for his support of a parliamentary motion condemning Beijing's treatment of the Uyghur population, as a genocide.

The Globe also said that Zhao Wei, a Chinese diplomat, was involved. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was aware of the threats made to MP Chong for two years, and allegedly, so was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Egregiously, no action was taken, Michael Chong wasn’t told of the matter by either the PM or CSIS.

The answer made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was that he didn’t know about this until last Monday when the information was released publicly. He was called to expel the Chinese diplomat for his involvement but as of now, Trudeau refuses to commit to doing so. Trudeau also mentioned that CSIS thought the threats weren’t serious enough to deploy the information to a higher level of people at the Parliament.

During the convention, while we were asking questions to the supporters of the Trudeau Liberals about their thoughts about the matter, two employees came to stop us recording.

They escorted us out of the building and told us it was because 'our organization' has extreme far-right views!

This was the day after Mr. Trudeau took the time to applaud the freedom of press in Canada and the importance of having it.

Many people had the time to answer us and the question that was the most polarizing seemed to be if Trudeau is the best leader to represent the Liberal Party.

This is a revealing report that shows the hypocrisy of this party.

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