Rebel News reporter gets booted from NDP presser

Security was asked to remove reporter Alex Dhaliwal from the grounds but refused to state who specifically instructed this democratically damaging dismissal.

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Rebel News reporter Alex Dhaliwal was kicked out of NDP Leader Rachel Notley’s press conference at the Telus Convention Centre in downtown Calgary on Monday, April 17.

A security guard responsible for his removal informed Dhaliwal that he was being kicked out by “the person that rented the space,” but would not specify who the directive came from exactly.

Dhaliwal said that he intended to ask accountability questions around the defunding of the police rhetoric seen by NDP party members.

"Some of their comments are considered incredibly inflammatory given that across Canada we have seen a rise in violent crime, particularly stabbings and shootings,” he correctly observes.

Fellow independent journalist Keean Bexte was also removed from the grounds. Speaking to a self-identified “contractor,” Bexte asked if they were hired to stop media from asking the ex-premier questions.

The removal of at least two journalists comes just days after Notley had a meltdown about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith limiting media to one question each.

Alberta’s NDP Critic for Ethics and Democracy went so far as to condemn the premier's policy and demanded an apology, in a statement posted to Twitter.

“Journalists are the proxy for the public, and they serve a critical role in Canadian society by questioning elected officials. This kind of attempt to prevent journalists from doing their jobs is dangerous for our democracy,” it read.

It would appear that once again the hypocrisy of the bureaucracy rears its sanctimonious head.

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