WestJet Goes Grinch; Legal Realities of Fighting Lockdowns

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

Western Canadian-based airline, WestJet used to be the toast of Calgary.

It was a company that once prided itself on treating staff and guests like family and empowering staff to become owners and to climb the ranks to upper management. But now the company is firing unvaccinated staff, or staff that refuse to divulge vaccination status to management, after working safely for WestJet without a vaccine for 20+ months. Adam Soos joins us to discuss how WestJet is the airline grinch that stole Christmas from its own loyal employees this year.

Then, with people searching for a solution to the lockdowns, vaccine passports, job losses and restrictions making life hard — or even impossible — for so many, Canadians are making desperate steps to take matters into their own hands with homemade legal quick fixes found on the Internet. But is this effective? Or just hopeium, a false promise from a low liability guru? Tamara Ugolini joins the show tonight to unpack the legal realities of fighting the lockdowns. And her message is that hard work, time and personal convictions — and not quick fixes — are the only way out of this mess.

Then, in our letters segment, I read your comments on my video about Justin Trudeau's inappropriate movies on the government Challenger. Those flicks were not fit for the Governor General and, based on viewer feedback, Canadians are just as curious as I am about what they might be.

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