Trudeau's in-flight movies include two titles the GG was BANNED from viewing

Two titles in the documents were deemed “inappropriate” for then-governor general Julie Payette during her time in the sky.

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Two inflight movies available to Justin Trudeau were deemed “inappropriate” for former governor general Julie Payette when she used a government Challenger jet.

An investigation into the use of the Challenger jet fleet, including manifests, menus, planning emails and briefing notes, turned up a partial list of inflight movies too. The partial list included titles beginning with “B” and “C” and was heavy with Leonardo DiCaprio vehicles.

Two titles in the documents were deemed “inappropriate” for then-governor general Payette during her time in the sky, after first being available for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his senior cabinet and other VIPs.

The titles, ratings and genres remain unknown, though Rebel News is filing additional Access to Information inquiries with the Department of National Defence to obtain further details about the “inappropriate” films.

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