Union Takes Up Nurse's Jab Grievance, Medical Privacy on Dating Apps

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Guest host Sheila Gunn Reid fills in for David as he takes a well-deserved break from the show this week.

The political decision-makers keep telling us the pandemic is so deadly that our children should be masked, our businesses limited and the unvaccinated banned from the public square to protect the healthcare system from being overwhelmed, which is why firing unvaccinated healthcare staff seems incompatible with that stated goal. In normal times, unions have stepped up to defend their dues-paying members from employers coercing medical treatments, however, during the pandemic many unions have sided with employers over the membership, denying to take up vaccine grievances. This, thankfully, was not the case with one Ontario nurse who was so persistent in her opposition to jabs for jobs policies that her union was left with no choice but to help her. Rebel reporter Tamara Ugolini joins us to discuss the noisy nurse who stood up for her rights.

Then, it's tough out there for a young person trying to find a mate when the normal ways of meeting people, like bars, gyms and social events, have been either banned or masked for the last two years, leaving many turning to dating apps to find someone compatible. However, many dating apps are stacking the deck against people who are unvaccinated, conservative or simply believe in medical privacy. Rebel News UK reporter and single eligible bachelor Lewis Brackpool joins us tonight to discuss the rise of wokeness in the new virtual dating space.

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