Police Tackle Mask Exempt Woman, Cobourg Cops Feel Stressed

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Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies and gentlemen — and the rest of you — in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. I’m your host, David Menzies.

Wendy Kirkland of Woodstock, New Brunswick, is medically exempt from following her town’s mask bylaw. So, it was kinda strange that when Wendy went shopping without a mask, she was actually tackled by two police officers who apparently deemed her to be the modern day version of Typhoid Mary! Sheila Gunn Reid has all the shocking details.

Speaking of embarrassing law enforcement, Tamara Ugolini will weigh in on the latest from her small town of Cobourg, Ontario. You see, the Cobourg cops are apparently completely stressed out these days. Evidently tasering law-abiding citizens and guarding the beach is causing the police a degree of emotional grief… poor babies.

And letters, we get your letters, we get ’em every minute of every day. And you had plenty to say regarding my interaction with a couple of Aylmer, Ontario police officers who resembled a pair of Keystone Cops rather than professional law enforcement personnel. You see, these cops threatened to arrest me for the egregious crime of… asking insensitive questions of transgender demonstrators staging an anti-church protest in a public place?! I swear, folks, I’m not making this up…

Those are your Rebels, now let’s round ‘em up...

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