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McKenna meltdown, mask exemption buttons and more

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Well, that was quite the visit to Ottawa that Keean Bexte had, encountering a lying Climate Barbie; a denying Elizabeth May, and a CTV cameraman who had a hissy fit because Keean was – shockers! – maskless. Keean will try to make sense of it all.

Wow, talk about the must-have fashion accessory for 2020 if you’re sick and tired of explaining to the Karens of the world that you are mask exempt?

I’m talking about this little button that basically politely says, “Back off, Bucko.” The man behind this ingenious button, Ezra Levant, will drop by to explain all.

And finally, I’ll share some of your responses regarding my visit to the latest Yahoo Nation protest on the lawns of Toronto’s Queen’s Park.

What made this protest special was the fact that it came just a day after tough new regulations and fines were enacted by the province regarding social gatherings – which apparently includes protests.

But the cops never showed up to enact the law, so the question arises: Is Premier Ford’s bark worse than his bite?


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