WATCH: Red Cross CONDEMNED for abandoning Israeli hostages

Avi Yemini speaks with protesters raising their voices outside the Australian Red Cross over shocking inaction.

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Approximately 60 people, mostly women, gathered outside the Australian Red Cross headquarters to condemn the organisation for neglecting its mission and prioritising visits to Hamas terrorists in Israeli jails over attending to the plight of hostages.

It's been nine weeks since the Israeli hostages were captured on October seven, and the Red Cross has not provided any assistance.

Despite being supported by the Australian Government and the generosity of well-intentioned Australians, the Red Cross has faced mounting criticism for its inaction.

The protesters, including a critical care advocate, expressed their disappointment, demanding accountability from the international Committee of the Red Cross.

The crowd's chants of "Do your job" echoed the sentiment that the Red Cross has failed in its duty. Shockingly, there have been no welfare visits or inquiries, leaving the hostages stranded in dire conditions.

One protester passionately stated, "This organisation should either apologise for not doing its job or be closed down."

The frustration and desperation of the families were palpable as they pleaded for basic medical care.

As the international Red Cross faces growing scrutiny for its inaction, the vocal group of Australians gathered outside its headquarters demanding justice for the neglected hostages and accountability for the organisation entrusted with their welfare.

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