Regina Pride parade preventing Saskatchewan Party MLAs from participating over school pronoun law

'You can’t pretend you’re our ally, join our parade and do this whole thing while actively hurting members of our community,' said an organizer for Queen City Pride.

Regina pride parade preventing Saskatchewan Party MLAs from participating over school pronoun law
The Canadian Press / Heywood Yu and The Canadian Press / Liam Richards
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Saskatchewan Party MLAs are no longer welcome at Regina's Pride parade, according to reporting from the Globe and Mail.

The move to bar the MLAs from participating in the festivities comes after Premier Scott Moe's government introduced parental rights legislation last year aiming to prevent teachers from keeping secret children's desire to change pronouns.

The legislation seeks to empower parents by requiring their consent if a student under the age of 16 wishes to change their pronouns or name.

Queen City Pride declared Monday that Saskatchewan Party politicians will be barred from participating in the parade due to concerns about the legislation.

An organizer of the parade named Riviera Bonneau claimed she was surprised that politicians from the party even applied to participate in the festivities, the Globe report further details.

“We all felt a little frustrated and confused and a little ick about it,” Bonneau said. “We’re setting out to make a group of people – who have felt excluded and hurt – feel safe, comfortable and loved."

“A lot of people reached out and said that if the Sask. Party is there, like they normally are, they won’t feel that way,” she added.

A number of Saskatchewan Party MLAs have attended Pride festivities over the last few years in Saskatoon and Regina — but not this year.

According to the Globe, this year's Pride parade in Regina will be led by transgender youth, with organizer Bonneau saying that they will have signage opposing the legislation ready to go.

“We try not to bring politics into our festival, because it’s a time for ’love is love’ and to be happy. But what’s happening right now in our political climate is important," she said.

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