Rep. Byron Donalds on Republicans winning, vax mandates, pipelines and more

Rebel News attended Ron Desantis' victory event in Tampa, Florida and spoke with Congressman Byron Donalds about a number of pressing issues.

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During the DeSantis victory event yesterday in Tampa, Florida, I got to ask Congressman Byron Donalds a few questions.

I asked the congressman how he felt about the Republican victory. Rep. Donalds said that voters gave them a vote because they have seen Republican governance and that it is a big responsibility for them to continue to govern effectively and stay out of people's lives as much as possible.

When asked about what the first order of business for a Republican-led congress should be, Rep. Donalds said that securing the border should be the number one priority. When asked if he thinks Biden will be willing to work with the Republicans on these things or will continue labelling them as "MAGA Republicans," Rep. Donalds said, "If Florida is indicative of where the country is going, and it usually is, Joe Biden might want to rethink his policies."

I also asked about gas prices and if he thinks that we should build more pipelines, especially the Keystone XL. Rep. Donalds said that we should be building lots more pipelines.

"First thing is we have to make sure that we're not doing anything to stop oil and gas companies from drilling the wells that they have. Number two, we have to actually get more refineries in the United States. We have to stop shutting them down through regulatory pressure. Number three, we need to build more pipelines in the United States."

When asked about the vaccine mandate for non-US citizens, the congressman said he wasn't aware of that but he's sure "it's not happening at the southern border, I can tell you that" and that vaccine mandates are "ridiculous."

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