Reports ABC host 'liked' hundreds of trans porn videos

LGBTQ activists accused of trying to “decimate” radio host's reputation as network investigates sabotage claims.

Reports ABC host 'liked' hundreds of trans porn videos
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The ABC is investigating claims that one of its most popular radio hosts had his Twitter feed sabotaged by LGBTQ activists.

Steve Austin, who hosts Drive on ABC Radio Brisbane, claimed someone hacked his account and liked hundreds of tweets featuring transgender pornography.

The revelation came on Friday as Austin was about to interview Sall Grover who has campaigned against LGBTQ activists wanting biological men to have access to female bathrooms.

The scheduled interview had drawn criticism from activists upset that Grover was to be interviewed without an LGBTQ spokesperson present to counter her views.

The interview with Grover was cancelled at the last minute when it was revealed that hundreds of trans porn videos had been ‘liked’ by someone using Austin’s Twitter account.

Queer and trans activist Amy Sargeant tweeted that Austin “was set to platform an extremist transphobe this afternoon on his show. Turns out, his Twitter likes are full of hundreds of trans porn videos, alongside TERFposting. When we say half the bigots are secretly chasers, it’s because… they are.”

Sargent was reported in The Courier Mail saying there was no interest in “messing with Steve Austin’s employment or his job or his life” but that the ABC needed to explain “problematic activity on his social media account, and the move to feature Ms Groves without a dissenting voice”.

Austin shut down his social media account after saying people alerted him to "interference with my Twitter account".

"I have taken appropriate action. I apologise to you if it has caused any problem with your feed."

According to The Courier Mail, the ABC said they were "aware of the matter and (are) investigating, while Grover - who did not end up appearing on the ABC because management 'cancelled it' - reportedly said she thought Austin's Twitter account was hacked”.

Ms Grover accused activists of trying to “decimate” Mr Austin’s character and said she believed the radio host’s Twitter account had been hacked.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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