'Rich Men North of Richmond,' a protest song about forgotten Americans, goes viral

Establishment outlets like Rolling Stone have dismissed Oliver Anthony's lyrical commentary because it is "right wing", though it transcends partisan lines.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed "Rich Men North of Richmond," a viral hit by a man named Oliver Anthony which encapsulates a message that transcends genres, inviting us to reflect on disparities in society.

The song has amassed 14 million views in a week, a rousing protest anthem that calls out politicians and the elites for having too much control over the everyman's life. 

While establishment outlets like Rolling Stone have dismissed Anthony's lyrical commentary because it is "right wing", it transcends partisan lines, appealing to those who seek a society founded on empathy and justice.

As Ezra explains, Anthony shows an interesting mix of political viewpoints in the song, but "underneath it is a sort of despair and frustration... he's really talking about forgotten people in flyover country." 

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