Riding nomination chaos: Is Patrick Brown a conservative in name only?

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For conservatives in Ontario, yet more disturbing news is emerging that Patrick Brown, the leader of the Progressive Conservative party, might be conservative in name only.

And despite promises to be open and transparent when it comes to local riding nomination meetings, the precise opposite seems to be happening.

Case in point:

The Rebel was informed that the nomination meeting for the King Vaughan PC riding northwest of Toronto last Sunday had been cancelled by the local riding association.

The reason: according to Roman Evtukh, president of the King Vaughan riding association, there were:

“multiple and systemic procedural non-compliances by party headquarters conflicting with its own rules and constitution.”

Translation: The PC party establishment apparently did not like the choice of candidate favoured by the local riding association, Konstantin Toubis.

But even though the meeting was cancelled by the riding association, the PC Party of Ontario went ahead with it anyway.

And what followed next wasn’t pretty, nor very democratic.

WATCH to see why, for one Conservative, it was déjà vu all over again.

With the popularity of the Ontario Liberals in freefall, why would a Progressive Conservative leader want to make the PC Party more like the Liberal party?

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