Rittenhouse on Tucker: 'Really good lawyers' are handling the lies spread by media, politicians

Rittenhouse told Tucker about his experience in jail, and condemned his former attorneys Lin Wood and John Pierce for exploiting him. 

Rittenhouse on Tucker: 'Really good lawyers' are handling the lies spread by media, politicians
Mark Hertzberg/Pool Photo via AP
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Kyle Rittenhouse is taking names and will be holding those who wronged him accountable.  

In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, recently acquitted teenager Kyle Rittenhouse said that he and his legal team are going after the individuals who defamed him in the media. During the interview, he also spoke of his experience in jail and condemned his former attorneys Lin Wood and John Pierce for exploiting him.  

Kyle Rittenhouse was recently found not guilty on all charges relating to the shooting of three people, two of whom died, at the August 2020 riot in Kenosha. A jury agreed with his claim of self-defence, Rebel News reported.  

Asked by Fox News host Tucker Carlson if he had any plans to hold “liars to account” who smeared him over the trial, Rittenhouse responded, “I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now.” 

Carlson was apparently referring to the numerous media outlets that falsely reported Rittenhouse had shot and killed three black men, or that he was a white supremacist, or that he had travelled to Kenosha from out-of-state with the intent to murder innocent protesters, and many other lies regurgitated by members of the press, members of Congress, the official Black Lives Matter movement, Hollywood celebrities and musicians, and even the President of the United States of America.  

“Okay, so you’re intent on not, you’re not gonna let that go?” Carlson pushed on. 

“Like I said, really good lawyers are handling that,” Rittenhouse said. 

During the interview, Rittenhouse also talked about his former attorneys Lin Wood’s and John Pierce’s behaviour during his time in jail. Rittenhouse says that the legal defence fund they created in his name was a scam. While Rittenhouse became a hero to many, and a villain to the left, Wood and Pierce raised funds in his name while he was held in jail, and collected enough money to bail him out, but did not.  

“Lin Wood was raising money on my behalf, and he held me in jail for 87 days, disrespecting my wishes”, said Rittenhouse. 

Rittenhouse said that the lawyers encouraged him to speak to hostile news outlets like the Washington Post, which he said was “not a good idea.”  

“They said I was safer in jail instead of at home with my family”, said Rittenhouse.  

“Your lawyer said that?” Carlson asked. 

“My lawyers said that,” Rittenhouse replied. “John Pierce and Lin Wood.” 

“Eighty-seven days is a long time to be in jail,” said Carlson. 

“It was very long,” said Rittenhouse, who was only 17 at the time he was in detention. “I lost a lot of weight in there.”

“But 87 days of not being with my family for defending myself and being taken advantage of, being used for a cause by these — by John Pierce and Lin Wood… trying to raise money so they can take it for their own benefit, not trying to set me free.” 

Rittenhouse said that his lawyer, Pierce, had falsely asserted that he was a member of a “militia.” 

“I'm not in a militia. I don't know what that is”, Rittenhouse said. 

Rittenhouse is currently in a legal dispute with Wood over the $2-million raised for Rittenhouse after his detention.

Despite being acquitted of all charges, Wood’s organization is now claiming that the money belongs to him and John Pierce for raising it in the first place. Wood’s organization claims that $700,000 was spent on Rittenhouses’ legal fees and that Wood personally guaranteed loans made to the fund. 

Mark Richards, who stood by Kyle Rittenhouse in court and successfully defended him called Lin Wood an “idiot” for encouraging him to speak to the Washington Post while he was charged with homicide. Richard made his remarks during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and said he expected Wood to probably try and sue him.

Richards asserted that he was concerned that Wood and Pierce were trying to “whore this kid for money for their own causes.”  

“They kept him in Illinois to fight an extradition that was unwinnable cause they were raising tons of money on him”, Richards said.  

Following Richards’ remarks on CNN, Wood sent a letter threatening to sue, “You publicly stated in an interview on CNN that I was an idiot. False, I am not.” 

On Friday, a jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of murder over two fatal shootings and the wounding of another during riots last year in Kenosha, WI, as reported on Rebel News.  

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  • By Ezra Levant

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