Ron DeSantis vows to challenge Biden admin's proposed 'Ministry of Truth'

The Florida governor compared the proposal as a war on conservatives who are fighting against the 'decaying and discredited ruling elite in this country.'

Ron DeSantis vows to challenge Biden admin's proposed 'Ministry of Truth'
AP Photo/Marta Lavandier
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has vowed to challenge the Biden Administration’s proposed Disinformation Governance Board, comparing it to 1984’s Ministry of Truth in the George Orwell novel.

“You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country,” DeSantis said Friday morning to an audience in Williston, Florida. “Let’s get real here. Let’s make sure we are doing things to benefit Floridians and Americans, but we’re not going to let Biden get away with this one. We will be fighting back.”

The governor compared the Biden administration’s proposal as a war on conservatives who are fighting against the “decaying and discredited ruling elite in this country,” referring to the move as a “belated April fool’s joke” designed to silence opposition.

“As if they don't have enough issues to deal with, they now have an idea,” said the Governor in his remarks. “And I honestly thought this was just a belated April fool's joke, but they are actually going to create at the Department of Homeland Security, a bureau of disinformation. It's basically a Ministry of Truth. And what they want to do is they want to be able to put out false narratives without people being able to speak out and fight.”

“They want to be able to say things like Russian collusion and perpetuate hoaxes, and then have people like us be silenced,” he continued. “They want to be able to advocate for COVID lockdowns. They want to be able to be an advocate for school closures, things that are not supported by the evidence, but then when you speak out, they want to stifle dissent.”

“And so we reject this bureau in the state of Florida,” he said.

Earlier this week, Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board. His announcement came just days after billionaire Elon Musk, who calls himself a “free speech absolutist,” acquired Twitter.

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren called his takeover “dangerous for democracy” and called for new “rules” to govern “unregulated” social media.

In a reply to conservative comedian Steven Crowder on Thursday, Musk called the proposed board “discomforting.”

Crowder wrote: “The government is creating a misinformation governance board. Who else did something like that? Oh I remember, the Nazis. And there’s some data showing some interesting things going on post-[Elon Musk]’s Twitter takeover!”

As detailed by Rebel News, the bureau will be led by Nina Jankowicz, a supposed “disinformation fellow,” best known for dismissing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as a product of the Trump campaign. Jankowicz suggested that the laptop, which was later verified by multiple media outlets, as a “Russian influence op.”

Facing backlash, Jankowicz tried to defend the tweet Wednesday, saying it was “simply a direct quote from both candidates during the final presidential debate.”

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