WATCH: Roxham Road Exposed

Rebel News sent Lincoln Jay and Alexa Lavoie on an undercover mission to document and expose the journey of illegal immigrants coming through Roxham Road.

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Rebel News journalists Lincoln Jay and Alexa Lavoie went undercover for a series of reports to expose the industry behind illegal immigration and the human trafficking of refugees to Canada's most notorious crossing point, Roxham Road.

They spent a week travelling to the open hotspots such as Boston, Plattsburgh and NYC, where government itself is aiding migrants by providing paid bus tickets as we've reported, to be sent directly to our RCMP at the border who hold their bags as they enter the country.

This very lucrative business has been ongoing for over half a decade, with over a hundred thousand border crossings into Canada — and our leaders don't seem to care. 

PM Trudeau and Joe Biden are hoping to make an announcement soon to fix the Safe Third Country agreement loophole that is responsible, but we don't believe them. Our asylum system is being abused and our taxpayer dollars to support regular citizens and immigrants are being strained.

The so-called refugees are being sent across the country, notably Rebel Reporter David Menzies interviewed some at the country's top tourist location, Niagara Falls, where they are being housed in hotels.

This information was shared and distributed among people wishing to settle in the country. Rebel News must expose the industry and the complex system behind illegal immigration at Roxham Road.

In this series of upcoming reports, you will see how the entire process is done. Following all leads, speaking with everyone involved, even taking the very last steps just before crossing into Canada illegally.

For everyone who signed our petition, we dropped it off directly to City Hall in the hands of Eric Adams' secretary, but we won't stop there. We'll continue to make sure everyone involved should put a stop to this crisis.

If you like to see more investigative reports, support our independent journalism at, there you can make a donation to help cover our travel expenses, such as a rental car and hotel expenses.

On that same website, you can sign the petition to Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, to stop aiding illegal immigrants into Canada.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams directly to demand that he immediately stop trafficking illegal migrants to Canada through Roxham Road!

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