WATCH: Sacked paramedics stand UNITED against vaccine mandates

Terminated frontline health workers fight for reinstatement.

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A group of terminated frontline paramedics have formed a united front to seek justice and reinstatement after being let go during the pandemic for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine,.

Led by Jessica Davis, who served as a dedicated paramedic for over 12 years, these professionals are adamant about returning to the jobs they love and providing essential services to the public.

Jessica emphasised the significance of their roles in the healthcare system.

"We have studied and trained extensively for these positions," she said.

"We possess the skills, experience, and dedication necessary to care for the community and support our fellow colleagues."

Jessica and her peers faced an uphill battle when they took their case to the Fair Work Commission, only to find their efforts unsuccessful.

However, the urgency of the current healthcare crisis has galvanised them to persist in their fight for reinstatement.

The shortage of paramedics is putting immense pressure on the entire healthcare system and these experienced professionals believe that their presence would be invaluable in alleviating the strain.

Adding to the narrative, Otto B, a former paramedic who resigned under duress in August last year, highlighted the ethical concerns surrounding medical procedures.

"Medical confidentiality and obtaining informed consent are essential aspects of our profession," Otto stated.

"Maintaining trust and respect with patients is crucial for providing the best care possible."

The terminated paramedics asserted that they are not against vaccines, but they firmly believe in upholding ethical standards and respecting individual choice.

They stress the importance of providing patients with informed decisions and choices regarding medical interventions.

The group, comprising up to 50 willing paramedics seeking reinstatement, has launched the Seeking Remedy project. Through the project's website, they are appealing to the public for support. Jessica says that donations are pooled to fund legal representation and navigate the legal process to seek justice.

"If the government were to allow us back to work, we would gladly end this legal process," said Davis.

"Our primary goal is to serve our community and compensation is not our focus."

It remains to be seen whether the government will address their pleas and recognise the value of experienced frontline paramedics in tackling the ongoing healthcare crisis.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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