Scottish Family Party Leader Speaks out against inappropriate sex education

Richard Lucas believes the Scottish education system has an issue with the unnecessary and inappropriate sexualisation of the school curriculum.

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Rebel News UK Reporter Callum Smiles interviewed Scottish Family Party Leader, Richard Lucas as part of a documentary on the sexualisation of children in today’s education system. Richard is an expert in Relationships, Sexual Health & Parenthood(RSHP) and campaigns against the current curriculum which he believes is unnecessarily over sexualised.

RSHP has come under scrutiny from concerned parents, teachers and politicians who have looked through the curriculum and believe it is inappropriate for children, especially young children to be taught about sex and sexual practises at such a young age and to be exposed to sexually explicit materials.

Countries which receive education guidance and curriculums from the World Health Organisation have reportedly seen an overly sexualisation of subjects put in place. Opponents say the WHO backed curriculums exposed children to the idea of transgenderism from a young age.

The Scottish Family Party’s central belief is that strengthening family life could help solve many problems in Scotland, from drug abuse to youth mental health, from crime to population decline. Instead of interfering in family life, we want to support families to make their own decisions and meet their individual needs.

Many believe the messages in RSHP are dangerous, the tone trivialising, and the images unnecessarily graphic. If you haven’t seen them for yourself, you probably won’t believe just how controversial the government’s lesson resources are.

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