Seniors ARRESTED while filling medical prescription at Manitoba grocery store

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Manitoba’s COVID-19 restrictions are some of the most overreaching and draconian in the entire country.

Rebel News is helping a steady stream of normal, otherwise law-abiding Manitobans who are now facing fines for doing completely ordinary things that were suddenly rendered illegal at a stroke of the pen by some politician or health bureaucrat — things like carolling and celebrating birthdays.

Jake Klassen was fined for singing Christmas carols in a park with members of his faith community after the government closed his church. Matthew Loewen was fined after someone snitched on him for having a socially distant 18th birthday get-together in his dad’s trucking shop. And today, you’ll meet Mary-Ann Roy and her husband, George, whose trip to the grocery store ended in handcuffs.

Mary-Ann and George are a soft spoken married couple who are both medically exempt from wearing masks. They went together in the evening — to avoid the crowds — to their local Superstore, to fill a prescription for the very condition that makes Mary-Ann mask exempt. In the end, the cops were called and they were both detained and threatened with criminal charges, before being released with $1,300 coronavirus tickets.

The Roys’ story and their treatment by the police are infuriating. That’s why Rebel News is helping Mary-Ann and George fight their fines. They are pleading not guilty and Rebel News is crowdfunding a criminal lawyer to help them. If you’d like to help with their legal expenses, please visit

If you have received a ticket, don’t pay it. Fight it. Plead not guilty and submit it to Rebel News at for help.

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  • By David Menzies

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