Sheila Gunn Reid joins 'Alternative Media Panel' to talk censorship

The Western Standard's Cory Morgan hosts Sheila Gunn Reid and True North's Andrew Lawton for a conversation about the Trudeau Liberals' plan to censor the internet.

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Rebel News' Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid joins the Western Standard's Cory Morgan on the outlet's Alternative Media Panel along with True North's Andrew Lawton to discuss what Justin Trudeau’s two new pieces of online censorship legislation, Bill C-18 and Bill -11, mean for all Canadians and why the mainstream media is either silent or cheerleading for a crackdown on the freedom to share and stream on the internet.

While these two laws are new, the ideas behind them are not. Both are reboots of censorship legislation that died when Trudeau called his unnecessary pandemic election last year.

Under Trudeau’s new censorship regime, Big Tech platforms will be forced to promote government-defined Canadian content and to pay news outlets for articles that are shared on online platforms.

Non-approved content created by “unqualified” journalism outlets may be forced by the government to be shadow-banned, or hidden from search engines altogether.

And you know exactly who the Liberals are targeting: Rebel News.

Biased news you say? That's not even the half of it.

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