Strange skin affliction leaves B.C. man gaslit as delusional

'Patients attempt to seek help, they're victimized, and their symptoms get worse because the bacterial infection that's causing these skin problems is just spreading,' says British Columbian who suffers from Morgellons disease.

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This report delves into a health topic that is perhaps more controversial than COVID-19.

In a previous report, I discuss Lyme Disease and one of its occasional afflictions, Morgellons Disease with microbiologist Marianne Middelveen. Through the microscopic study into the callused lesions of patients claiming to have filaments (fibers) growing out of their skin, Middelveen discovered that this strange condition was not the delusion it has been coined to be. 

She discovered that these fibers are always seen in conjunction with a spirochetal infection – a classic marker of Lyme disease.

Discussing the lived reality of Morgellons Disease is British Columbian Lance Tycholaz. As a former manager of a British Columbia's Ministry of Tourism outdoor recreation site, it goes without saying that Tycholaz worked in an environment ripe with ticks.

It wasn’t until years of unknowingly suffering with Lyme infection that Tycholaz drew the connection to a tick bite he had in 2009.

“There would be at least 25 symptoms,” he said as he details the fall out of that bite. “Headaches, migraines, joint pain” that would change “week to week, month to month.” 

Medical professionals appeared confused by the strange set of (often evolving) symptoms. As a result, this infection is largely treated as a delusion instead of a physical ailment.

Tycholaz says that he blames the CDC directly, and refers to their study published in 2012 as flawed:

"This is controversial. Not because of the disease itself, but because of what the CDC did."

The CDC study’s conclusion is in stark contrast to the findings of Middelveen who discovered that the fibers do grow from the skin and are comprised of keratin and collagen. “They’re red, white, blue, green or black. Try explaining that to anyone,” Tycholaz says as he recognizes how delusional this sounds.

Yet one of the CDC’s own peer reviewers, Dr. Randy Wymore, claimed that there were no patients with Morgellons Disease who partook in (what was supposed to be) the study on Morgellons Disease. None of them had fibers growing from unbroken skin.

Tycholaz refers to a brief summary from the film, "Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons” that explains Wymore’s position.

Wynmore even went so far as to bring the fibers to the FBI for investigation. They ran a fiber search, but it came back empty.

“There is no match to these fibers on earth,” Tycholaz said, “these are unique, and they seem to be what the human body is producing.”

While discussing what it’s like to live with such an affliction, Tycholaz says that people are being “terrorized.”

Tycholaz details a silent suffering where patients do not know what they’re dealing with and are being prescribed anti-psychotics for a physical ailment:

"You try to explain to people what is happening to you and they do think that you’ve gone crazy.

Patients goes in, they seek help, they're victimized, and their symptoms get worse because the bacterial infection that's causing these skin problems is just spreading and getting worse."

When reaching out to health authorities, Tycholaz says that they stand behind the CDC’s study “which has already been outed as a completely flawed study.”

The result is that many Morgellons sufferers turn to suicide as a way out of what seems like a hopeless battle.

Tycholaz says that if anyone feels hopeless, please reach out to him at [email protected]

In addition, anyone suffering can sign the petition, check out Managing Morgellons and utilize the research found on the Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation website.

“It would be great if Doctors would stick their necks out on the line and confronted the CDC, but that hasn’t happened yet,” Tycholaz said with hope.


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