Strengthening the WHO is a gateway to global governance, critics warn

From amendments to International Health Regulations to a new pandemic accord agreement, the World Health Organization seeks to strengthen its mandate.

Strengthening the WHO is a gateway to global governance, critics warn
Johanna Geron, Pool Photo via AP
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has been seeking to strengthen its mandate since early 2022, claiming it needs to do so in order to adequately prepare for and respond to global health emergencies.

This push has prompted some critics like researcher James Roguski to urge member states to exit the WHO.

His concerns derive from the failures of the COVID-19 pandemic response that saw various nations impose unprecedented, unscientific, and harsh restrictions on their populations  from societal lockdowns that included school closures, to social distancing, testing, masking, and eventually vaccine passports.

The shadowy, unelected bureaucrat-riddled backdoor discussions undertaken by the WHO can be difficult to follow, but Roguski has dedicated his recent life’s work to following the initiatives being put forth by the WHO to its 95 member states.

Tedros Ghebyriasis, Director General of the WHO, has been steadily trying to move forward with amendments to previously established International Health Regulations (IHR) and create a “Zero Draft” for a new pandemic accord.

In various places, the WHO attempts to essentially assert itself as the sole authority for directing and coordinating pandemic authority on a global scale, Roguski recites while reading directly from a WHO document.

As evidenced by the meeting of the global health elites in Berlin, Germany at the World Health Summit in October, much of the discussion centered around future policy and how health is a political choice.

There was no roundtable or discussion on acknowledging the global health failures contributing to the rise in excess mortality worldwide or how masking and social distancing have hindered the development of children, for instance.

Tedros himself refused to acknowledge if he would recommend indiscriminate lockdowns again.

President of the World Health Summit Axel Pries did not want to hear any criticisms and had Rebel News banished from the conference property for merely asking skeptical questions.

The lack of accountability coupled with the elitism of inter-governmental bodies and private actors has prompted everyday citizens to become educated on the discussions and decisions that will affect their families for generations to come. And they’re more cynical than ever.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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