Rebels get kicked off of the property at the World Health Summit

Guillaume and I were kicked off of the property while gathering input from attendees as they left the globalist conference, and I think I know the 'high level guest' who was responsible for it.

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Germany is poising itself to be a key player in promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as it becomes a "hub for Global Health.”

For instance, The Center for Global Health is housed at the Technical University in Munich, while Berlin houses the Centre for Global Engagement in partnership with the Berlin University Alliance that collaborates “efforts into the complex web of global science.”

Berlin’s top university research hospital, Charité even houses the German Alliance for Global Health Research that was launched on February 1st, 2020, a mere few weeks before the global coronavirus pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization.

This research is meant “To ensure healthy living and promote well-being for all people of all ages" is the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 3. The German Alliance for Global Health Research will better link the various disciplines of global health research in Germany and at the same time address actors from politics, business and civil society in order to increase the contribution of the German research community to this SDG and further develop global health as an academic discipline in Germany.”

The Dean of this hospital, which organizes the yearly summit is none other than Professor and Doctor Axel Pries. He also happens to be the President of the World Health Summit.

Pries and I had a brief interaction outside of the Berlin Hotel, where the 3-day globalist health summit was coming to an end. He appeared suspicious of my skepticism as I posed questions to Reza Afshari who was trying to get cozy with him, and asked me what angle I was taking with my reporting and the basis of my questions.

Pries stared at me like a deer in headlights as I answered, refusing to respond himself, before asking if I was accredited media or not.

Interestingly, less than five minutes later, we were asked by hotel security to leave the property.

Pries was clearly denoted as one of the “high level guests” that had exclusive access to the hotel restaurant, as evidenced by this photo, that even the lower tier attendees of the summit were prevented access from.

His globalist ideals are on full display when he authors for the Global Governance Project, an aptly named organization that promotes collective governance. A quote from his publication titled ‘In times of crisis’
reads that “sustainable development goal (SDG) number 3, that’s good health and wellbeing for all, cannot be attained if we try to control one disease at a time in one country separate from the others.”

Arguably, the disregard of health at the local level is exactly where the knee-jerk hysterical COVID response plans failed.

In this arm’s length German Government media publication, deutschland, an interview with Pries repeats a similar sentiment:

“In October 2020, the Federal Government developed a strategy to promote global health and increased its contributions supporting the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2020 and 2021, Germany was its largest donor, making it possible for the new WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence to be located in Berlin. However, Berlin's increasing role in global health is not based on financial support alone. Berlin is a vibrant international research centre and home to the Charité, the largest university hospital in Europe. Furthermore, the World Health Summit, one of the world's most important conferences on global health, is held every year in Berlin.”

These are the people vying to be in charge of your health, refusing to speak to media that asks real questions about global health architecture and pandemic response. The same people who, presumably, are responsible for our removal from the property.

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