No one discusses how pandemic response devastated children, says Berlin ICU doctor

Practicing intensive care unit doctor says that 'everyone in the healthcare system knows' that pandemic policies have damaged children, yet no one talks about it.

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In a discussion with an intensive care unit (ICU) doctor practicing in Berlin, Germany, he shares that doctors know – and knew – that the government’s COVID-19 response would devastate children.

“Ya, oh absolutely. And everyone in the healthcare system knows it,” the local ICU doctor can be heard saying in response to the assertion that children have been devasted by the government’s COVID-19 response.

“The governmental choices did not come out of the healthcare system, at least not in Germany,” he further states.

In Canada, and specifically Ontario, the public was told that the government was trusting the health experts and that disagreeing with a medical health officer meant that they may as well “throw a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge.”

“The politicians said that doctors made those choices. I don’t think so. I think it was politics,” the ICU doctor further reiterates.

On how to come back from the poor pandemic response choices, the doctor says “f**k everything else, the number one thing that we need to do is recover the children.. they need a serious recovery and we talk way too [little about it].”

Despite three days of jam-packed conferences, there was no talk about a recovery plan of any sort.

“Ya, ya, ya,” the doctor can be heard agreeing with this disappointment.

Recently, the Irish parliament heard from policy advisor Fiona Jennings that children are still suffering COVID-related anxieties. The article says that “parents were reporting children’s anxieties about parents being safe constantly, social anxiety and health anxiety arising from the Covid message of ‘keep safe and don’t make others sick.'" The piece went on to say that "obsessive compulsive behaviour, such as excessive handwashing and use of sanitizers,” is of added concern.

Medical professionals know – and arguably knew from the onset – that this response would harm an entire generation of impressionable children.

It’s disgustingly shameful that many continue to stay silent as the future of our societal fabric hangs in the balance, while the ones that speak out are silenced, slandered and fired.

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