Support for Trudeau plummeting according to new poll

A recent poll conducted by Abacus Data shows less than 45% of Canadians would consider voting Liberal in the next federal election.

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On Friday's live stream, Rebel News Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid discussed recent polling numbers from Abacus Data that show support for the Trudeau Liberals reaching all-time lows.

Of the 1500 participants in the recent poll, only 41% said they would consider voting for the Liberal Party of Canada in the next election. In contrast, 54% of those polled said they would be open to voting for the Conservative Party of Canada.

The prime minister has been facing increasing scrutiny for his handling of immigration, housing, and the cost of living in Canada.

Speaking about the numbers, Sheila said, "So what does this mean, what are my predictions here? The Liberals are going to hang on as long as they possibly can because above all else, their ideology is power."

"They believe themselves to be the natural governing party of Canadians, and if that means giving the radical NDP literally everything they want, then they're going to do it."

Sheila added, "And we saw this with some of the national daycare, pharma care, dental care programs that were NDP ideas adopted by the Liberals in an attempt to just hold onto power."

According to the Toronto Star, Abacus Data CEO David Coletto spoke about the poll, saying, "If the Liberals were hoping that 2024 would start with some positive mood and maybe a shift in public perception, I don't see any evidence of that yet."

Speaking further about the prime minister's declining support, Sheila said, "He's unpopular with parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds. He is now losing support from suburban women which were responsible I think in no small part with his election the last couple of times."

If you agree that Trudeau must resign, please sign the petition on this page or visit

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