Suzuki Foundation joins the war on the gas kitchen stove

The Canadian green charity jumped on the anti 'fossil gas' stove bandwagon, citing the same debunked study reported in mainstream media outlets about gas stoves contributing to 13% of all childhood asthma cases.

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The link between the juvenile respiratory issue and natural gas cooking appliances was first reported by Bloomberg after a Biden health official floated a gas stove ban, citing a flawed analysis of household pollutants.

However, the authors of the original study admit they drew no causation determination between gas stoves and childhood asthma.

The Washington Free Beacon noted the Rocky Mountain Institute, the loudest pushers of the flawed December 2022 study as evidence of the secret harms of reliable and clean fossil fuels, had partnered with the Chinese government to end fossil fuels.

Though those on the left are now writing off the threat of a ban on gas stoves, NY Governor Kathy Hochul has said she would support a ban on natural gas furnaces and stoves in new home construction.

CBC has mused about banning gas stoves since at least 2019.

Ironically, a major cause of respiratory illness and death in the developing world is the lack of access to natural gas for home heating and cooking, with people resorting to open-burning wood and animal dung inside their homes.

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