Sweet 16 birthday party crashed by COVID cops

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Today we are covering another Fight The Fines case, and this one is truly bonkers. A family of 10 celebrating a Sweet 16 in Stoney Creek, Ont. had five police officers crash their “party” — I say “party” because if it’s just your family, is it really a party?

Kendra Bond and Cassandra Martin-Tansley are two of the six adults who were each given $815 fines on March 7, for the crime of singing Happy Birthday, or so it would seem.

Kendra claims she had only her immediate family at her house, when her mother stopped by to drop off a gift and came inside to use the restroom. While inside for approximately five minutes, the Bond family took the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to their 16-year-old, when five officers showed up out of the blue.

Apparently this family’s neighbours are a bunch of grinches, because they called the police on the Bond family, alleging that there were more than 25 people inside the Bond home. Well, lie or not, the police quickly pivoted from fighting actual crime to come rain on this young woman’s parade.

It’s not like the Bonds slid invitations under the whole neighbourhood’s door — this was a closed family event. Friends were dropping off gifts in exchange for a slice of cake, something we see a lot during these times of COVID restrictions, so why was the Bond family targeted?

Could it be because the Bonds are a large family, with seven kids?

When asked whether this lockdown is starting to seem like a never-ending routine, the 16-year-old told us about how terrible social distancing continues to be for teens. Kendra, her mother, feels similarly. We know socialization is extremely important for adolescents, and it’s unclear how prolonged isolation is going to affect the mental health of the next generation.

What a shame that a beautiful family event was soured by the illogically restrictive lockdown measures that are still being imposed on us, over a year later.

Rebel News stands with the Bond family in their pursuit of justice, and will be paying all of their legal fees to fight these fines. Make sure to watch to see what our lawyer had to say about their case.

Please visit FightTheFines.com to learn more about how you can help fight this COVID tyranny. You can also submit your case to us through there at FightTheFines.com, if you are yourself a victim of an unjust COVID-19 related ticket.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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