Sydney University finally disbands anti-Israel encampment

University puts an end to the anti-Israel tent city, despite ongoing activism from students who vow to continue disruptive action.

Sydney University finally disbands anti-Israel encampment
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Sydney University’s anti-Israel encampment on the Great Hall lawn has finally been cleared following a directive from the university administration.

Cleanup operations commenced on Tuesday, with workers dismantling tents and loading rubbish and camping gear into disposal trucks.

The order to vacate the site came from Sydney University Vice-Chancellor Mark Scott, who initiated the shutdown on Friday, marking the end of an eight-week stand-off since the tents were set up on April 23.

Despite the closure, the activists remain resolute, vowing tonot pause for a second. Students for Palestine announced their return to campus next semester to "intensify their campaign against university management."

Their demands include severing all ties with Israel, encompassing academic partnerships and exchange programs.

The university’s shutdown order followed weeks of unproductive negotiations. Student leaders dismissed the administration’s latest offer to review research connections with defence firms, labelling it anempty deal.

“After the last rejection, we instructed the encampment representatives to vacate the site,A university spokesperson remarked.

Controversies arose throughout the protest, including a children’s excursion chantingIsrael is a terrorist state.Police were called to investigate incidents of vandalism, harassment, and trespassing.

Encampments at universities across Australia, including Melbourne, Curtin, ANU, and Deakin, have also been dismantled.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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