Teacher sacked for not revealing vaccine status or taking COVID tests

Ottawa school teacher Debbie Bedard is now a so-called “insubordinate” for keeping her medical history private.

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Alas and alack, another one bites the dust. That would be Ottawa school teacher Debbie Bedard, who is now a so-called “insubordinate” thanks to keeping her medical history private. So much for those chestnuts along the lines of, “my body, my choice” and “reasonable accommodation.”

Like a growing number of workers, Bedard has chosen not to reveal her vaccine status re: COVID-19. And due to an extensive history of cancer in her family, she cannot take the COVID-19 tests.

The end result: no jabs, no job.

And get this: she’s even under a gag-order. The school board has ordered Debbie not to speak to her colleagues, nor her students, as to why she’s no longer in class these days!

It’s outrageous. Debbie loves teaching, Debbie loves her students.

But she is not only without a job, she’s now looking into a new career to pursue, given that she is essentially a persona non grata when it comes to the teaching profession.

(Debbie mentioned she’s thinking of becoming a journalist, although we reckon the mainstream media wouldn’t want anything to do with her either.)

It should be noted Debbie’s union did precious little to help her, and she has found it difficult to get a labour lawyer to take on her case.

In the final analysis, Debbie is yet another victim of medical apartheid.

But the question arises: as thousands of good and very experienced employees – from teachers and nurses to firefighters and police officers – are shown the door in the days and weeks ahead, where, oh where, will their replacements come from?

Or did their tyrannical superiors not quite think this through? Stay tuned as the carnage on the employment front continues.

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  • By David Menzies

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