Teenager exiled for religious advocacy unveils school's covert bid to crush dissident beliefs

A teenager expelled for expressing Christian beliefs faced a covert appeal orchestrated by his Catholic school that framed his advocacy as bullying, revealing their blatant desire to control the narrative and ruthless exclusion of dissenting voices.

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Josh Alexander had an appeal heard by his former Catholic school board that continues to exclude him from his publicly-funded education for expressing Christian beliefs at school, which they say constitutes bullying.

“Josh Alexander was kicked out of school because he said, ‘Look, there are only two genders and the boys shouldn't be going into the girls' washrooms,’” Alexander’s attorney told Rebel News.

Lawyer James Kitchen is defending Alexander at no cost to him through crowdfunding efforts by Liberty Coalition Canada.

“He said these things and he organized a student protest walkout to raise awareness about this,” explains Kitchen.

“And the school didn't like that. So two days before, they threatened everybody who was thinking of [walking out] with losing their transportation home and they suspended Josh. But they needed a reason to point to why they suspended Josh. And so they used the bullying tact and that's been their tact ever since. They've excluded him – segregated him – physically segregated him from the school on this false basis that he's a bully and he's threatening to the trans kids, so he can't be there and that led to us appealing to three school board trustees of the Renfrew Catholic School Board.”

The school justified its decision by framing the expression of Christian beliefs as bullying towards transgender students, asserting their anti-bullying policy and excluding Alexander from school.

Despite being 16 and legally allowed to appeal this decision independently, Alexander faced unnecessary delays as the school insisted on involving his parents. Kitchen had to bring the case before a judge, wherein it was determined that Alexander could appeal his suspension himself, and the appeal was finally heard last week after an eight-month delay.

The hearing was shrouded in secrecy due to extensive publication bans that Kitchen claims contradict Canada’s open court principle. This situation highlights that without access to legal representation and public advocacy, cases like these can unfold in secret and in favour of those with unlimited resources.

“This is a direct violation of it. This is not a national security concern [case]. This is a kid who was kicked out of a Catholic high school for espousing Catholic beliefs.”

Kitchen elaborates on the implications this case has on the right to free expression in Canada.

“If you decide to express your religious beliefs, and they're not in line with the majority, which of course most religious beliefs aren't, you're going to lose your education,” Kitchen says. “You're going to get pushed out, kicked out, segregated, excluded from public society.

“You're not going to be equal. You're not going to be able to equally participate. You're going to have to count the costs and make that sacrifice. Most people aren't willing or able to do that. And they shouldn't have to, in a free and equal society. That's why people flee radical societies to come to societies that are free and equal, where they can freely exercise their religious beliefs and still participate in society. This is like really basic, right? This is what Canada is losing… whether or not you think you care about free speech or freedom of religion now, you will care at some point in your life when you have your life ruined because you said something that went against the grain.”

While the trans-activists claim to advocate for equality, tolerance and acceptance, their actions reveal a desire for control, tyranny, and exclusion of dissenting voices, concludes Kitchen.

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