Texas Gov. Abbott: Deputy sheriff lost his daughter in Uvalde school shooting

18-year-old Salvador Ramos allegedly murdered 19 children and two teachers when he stormed Robb Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon.

Texas Gov. Abbott: Deputy sheriff los his daughter in Uvalde school shooting
AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills
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Following the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott disclosed that one of the deputy sheriffs who participated in the response lost his child in the tragedy. 

Speaking on Wednesday, Abbott expressed his grief for the parents and families of the Uvalde school children, and spoke of the heroism of law enforcement agents who dashed toward the school to save lives, NBC News reported

He expressed his sorrow that the officers were not able to save those who died at the hands of the shooter. 

“To begin with, let me point out the obvious evil swept across the valley yesterday. Anyone who shoots his grandmother in the face has to have evil in his heart,” Abbott said. “But it is far more evil for someone to gun down little kids. It is intolerable. And it is unacceptable for us to have in this state anybody who would kill little kids in our schools. Children are a blessing. God teaches us that. We're filled with laughter, innocence and joy. Their love is a gift that parents get unwrapped every single day.” 

18-year-old Salvador Ramos allegedly murdered 19 children and two teachers when he stormed Robb Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon using firearms he purchased shortly after his eighteenth birthday. 17 others were injured in the massacre, the governor said. 

As detailed by Abbott, who was informed by police investigators, “the first thing that happened was the gunman shot his grandmother in the face.” His grandmother, who survived the shooting, called the police, prompting him to flee in a truck, where he crashed near the school. 

Ramos, who was armed with a semi-automatic rifle, outlined his plans on Facebook mere minutes before committing the massacre. 

“The only information that was known in advance was posted by the gunman on Facebook approximately 30 minutes before reaching the school,” said Abbott. “The first post was to the point of ‘I'm going to shoot my grandmother.’ The second post was ‘I shot my grandmother.’ The third post, maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving, and his goal was ‘I'm going to shoot and elementary school.’” 

“During the shoot out that took place in the school,” the governor continued, adding that “in addition to the students and faculty, there were three officers who were injured who were all remain in good condition. One Deputy Sheriff lost a daughter in that school.” 

The shooter was eventually taken out by a member of Customs and Border Patrol following a shootout with the police.

 Families affected by the shooting are still being notified about the condition of their loved ones.

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