Thank you! We crowdfunded our new TV studio -- but there's one more thing...

Last week, Ezra Levant and everyone at launched to crowdfund a new TV studio, complete with renovations, electrical, equipment and more.

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One week ago, we launched, asking you to help crowdfund our new TV studio.

Donors could even buy bricks with their names on them! The Rebel team was encouraged by the tremendous response from viewers in Canada and around the world.

Thanks to you, we did it! (WATCH my report to see a time-lapse look at all the construction going on at right now.)

The response was tremendous, with people all across Canada and beyond buying bricks and helping pay for the new lighting, computer software and more.

We can't wait to unveil it all for you on election night, October 19, when we'll broadcast LIVE from the new set!

Thanks to everyone on The Rebel team. Your support means so much to all of us!

In fact, we're so encouraged by your enthusiasm that I've added just one more piece of equipment on The Rebel wish list...

This new technology costs about $5000 and will let us host a LIVE call-in talk show.

But one with a difference:

Instead of just phoning in to talk to me, you'll get to do it via Skype! You'll be on TV, too.

This would be the first show of its kind in Canada. Take that, CBC and CRTC!

We don't need the CBC's $1-billion in annual taxpayer funding. The Rebel is doing it better, and it's all because of you.

If you'd like to chip in to help fund our "Talk Show" technology, there's still some time left:


And thank you again for your incredible generosity!


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  • By Ezra Levant

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Elections Canada, under Justin Trudeau's leadership, is persecuting Ezra Levant for writing The Libranos, which compares Justin Trudeau to Tony Soprano. We have to fight back and set a precedent for freedom. We must fight — not just for Ezra's own book, but for everyone’s.

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