The Australian flag is 'disappearing' from national celebrations

While a majority of Aussies still support celebrating Australia Day, the national flag is slowly vanishing from events as the day becomes more controversial to support publicly.

The Australian flag is 'disappearing' from national celebrations
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The Australian flag is vanishing from Australia Day celebrations as the public holiday becomes a day of increasing division.

The Daily Mail reported that photos from January 26 events showed "remarkably few flags" on display in all major capital cities.

"Recent polls suggest that while a majority of Australians believe January 26 should remain Australia Day, there is a growing group who would prefer it be changed to a less polarising date," it reported

It cited an IPA poll that surveyed over a thousand people from various demographics about their changing attitudes to Australia Day.

The poll revealed that 62 per cent of people still agree that Australia Day should be held on January 26, while only 17 per cent believe the date should be changed, and 21 per cent had no opinion.

It showed that younger generations of Aussies are more in favour of changing the date but there is still a large group which wants to keep the controversial date.

Retailer Kmart copped backlash in the lead up to the say by refusing to stock and sell Australian flag merchandise, with the company saying that it's aim was to "foster an environment that is inclusive and respectful of both our customers and teams".

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