The Canadian government now wants to make EVs sound like real cars

A change in regulations to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from meeting the business end of an electric car or hybrid will mandate the installation of noisemakers to mimic combustion engines on all new EVs.

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“Synthetic sound generators that emulate the sound of typical internal combustion engine vehicles" are now required on new EVs thanks to an executive order amending the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

According to an article published last week in Blacklock's Reporter, owing to the silence of EVs when operating, pedestrians were 20 percent more likely to be run over by an electric car than a gas or diesel burner, said the department. Bicyclists were fifty percent more likely to be hit by an electric.

Cities across North America are also banning gasoline-powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers in an effort to stem noise pollution.

The change in regulations to make the favoured cars of Canada's progressives flies in the face of recent claims of honk-related noise violence at the truckers protesting vaccine mandates.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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