The challenge of uniting independent minds to shared goals

How do you organize a movement of people who want to be left alone into a movement working for shared goals?

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Cory Morgan tries to answer that question in his new book, The Sovereigntist's Handbook.

Cory's not just a columnist for Western Standard and The Epoch Times, he founded a western separatist party years ago, so he knows what he is talking about from experience.

There is a problem with people who don't like other people telling them what to do or how to live. They're independent problem solvers, self-reliant and free thinkers — I like to think I am one of them — but they don't work well together in groups.

And sovereignty means different things to different people, making the activists hard to harness into a uniform cause. Separatist sentiment is mainstream in Alberta but it's hard to put the separatists all in one bucket.

Some are disgruntled with Ottawa and want the West to be treated fairly in Confederation. Some want to leave Canada altogether as an independent nation. Some want to join the United States. Another faction just wants a premier that fights back against Trudeau in a more tangible way than a strongly-worded letter.

So how do you make water cooler evangelists for a freer and more prosperous Alberta? Joining me tonight to answer that question is Cory Morgan.

Get your own copy of The Sovereigntist Handbook here or through this Amazon link.

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