Greta Thunberg is coming to Canada during the final days of the election campaign — Will anyone stand up to her?

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You remember Greta Thunberg, right? She’s the 16-year-old girl from Sweden who has become a global sensation amongst the fancy people because of her gripping, emotional rants against global warming.

The other day, Greta tweeted that she’s coming to Alberta.

Why Alberta? Well, because of the oilsands. Why now? Well, because we have a federal election on Monday. And the parties of the left want to scare people about global warming; and they hope to blunt the chances of the Conservatives.

Of course, Andrew Scheer’s very first policy sell-out was on global warming. He literally caved in live, on TV, to some gentle questions from the Media Party.

So, yeah, coming to Alberta to promote the global warming threat isn’t actually something contrary to Andrew Scheer’s own platform. He undermined his moral authority, demoralized his base, and for nothing.

Alberta’s mayors — whom amongst them have a hundred thousand unemployed men and women —they are actually welcoming Greta the PR wrecking ball. 

I’ve got two points on this.

The first is: it’s the first real test of Jason Kenney’s so-called oilsands “war room.” It’s a $30 million a year organization designed to defend the reputation of the oilsands against just this very thing —foreign meddlers.

This is their first test. Today is exactly the six month anniversary of the Alberta election. They’ve had plenty of time to think and plan. So what will they do? Hide udner their desks? Issue some press releases? Put out some boring, vanilla TV ads, that will do nothing other than enrich some Toronto ad agencies and some lobbyists?

We’re about to find out.

I’ll be candid: I’m not optimistic. But we’ll see.

The second point touches on the first:

Why is a foreign-funded lobbyist — which is exactly what Greta Thunberg is — permitted to come to Canada to campaign on hot issues in the final days of the election?

TONIGHT I'll show you what Elections Canada has to say.

But I doubt that will make much difference either...

NEXT: The Edmonton Sun's Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about what a Liberal minority government could mean for Alberta.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

  • By David Menzies

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