SHEILA GUNN REID | Lewis Brackpool's debrief of WEF

"Swiss town turned into Billionaire's Vegas."


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According to Gunn Reid, the media won't report these statements to you because they are active participants in the WEF. The New York Times and the Washington Post were at the WEF meetings in Davos, Switzerland this year, not as reporters but as activists. You can't trust the mainstream media.

Rebel News sent a six-person team to Davos to bring you the other side of the story — the truth — about the WEF agenda.

One of those reporters, Lewis Brackpool (@Lewis_Brackpool), joined Sheila on The Gunn Showwhere he spoke about what he heard  and witnessed while reporting on the WEF.

“You saw of course clips when I was confronting the Intel Events Manager and he of course cowardly ran off after I started talking about censorship, but after that we panned the camera around and saw this celebrity-like culture in front go billboards of Intel and WEF logos and that was really weird to me...” - Lewis Brackpool

Gunn Reid said that it felt as though they managed to somehow strip all the charm out of this Swiss town and sort of turn it into a billionaire's Vegas with all these bizarre disposable store fronts. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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