The harsh side effects of gender hormone therapy

'I'm an adult with regrets,' said Estella Suarez-Hamilton. 'It's just so much more obvious now the things that I am regretting because I have facial hair, I have to shave every single day. I have the low voice and the Adam's apple that's grown large and obvious.'

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Are people who wish to transition well informed about the side effects that can cause them long-term?

According to the Gallup poll, around 7.2% of the current population self-identifies as LGBTQ+ with the majority of its people being aged 25 and under, the infamous Generation Z. That’s double what the statistics showed a decade ago. 

With the rise in indoctrination of gender ideology and gender identity in society, a marked increase in gender confusion is to be expected.  

Indeed, according to a study in Spain, the conclusion was that de-transition is really a growing phenomenon that involves clinical, psychological and social problems. Another study reveals that between 2013 and 2020, there was a marked increase in gender-affirming mastectomies among adolescent girls.

Just in Montreal, in 2019, the Metropolitan Surgery Centre said that sex change operations have increased by 35% over the past three years. Now imagine four years later. 

Estella Suarez-Hamilton is one example among many children who will be de-transitioning for many reasons. The latter was one of the pioneers under the influence of the trans wave, which offered an opportunity to reinvent itself without really knowing the exact consequences of the long-term effects of transition treatments on the body.

Estella said:

The side effects, to put it in a very short way, is it's premature menopause. After about a year and your body recognizes that the testosterone is gonna keep happening, your ovaries and the reproductive system will stop producing as much Estrogen, and the side effects, the symptoms of low Estrogen, those will start to show up. And those are facial hair, low voice, losing your hair, and then the internal effects are heat flash, foggy brain, you cannot think.

The important thing to know is that the FDA regulates the use of testosterone as a drug, but it has not specifically approved the use of testosterone for gender transition. Thus, studies of long-term testosterone intake are not documented in order to know the problems that this hormonal intake can cause after several years.

Estella Suarez-Hamilton shares her experience in order to raise awareness about the consequences of getting hormone therapy at a young age.

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