The Liberals purge Catholic chaplains from the CAF

The move to eliminate priests from the Canadian Armed Forces military chaplain service is being made to 'further promote diversity and inclusion.'

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According to a report published in Blacklock's Monday morning: 

The military has appointed gay advisors to help “innovate” religious instruction in the Canadian Armed Forces, says a briefing note. It follows a cabinet-appointed panel’s recommendation that Catholic chaplains be purged from the army, navy and air force over church teachings that contradict federal policy: “Chaplains provide a ‘safe place’ for members.”

In the same Blacklock's article, it was made clear that the Liberals had a solution in search of a problem that didn't exist:

The four-member Advisory Panel cited no data indicating the presence of Catholic chaplains was offensive to military members, nor did it estimate the number of gay members in the regular and reserve forces.

The federal decision will mean that battlefield or training injured Catholic soldiers may not be able to have the rites of the sick administered or have a confession heard by a priest. 

The anti-Catholic witch hunt in the CAF is nothing new. The Trudeau Liberals have been waging war on small-o orthodox Christians in Canada. 

Trudeau blocked pro-lifers from running as candidates in Liberal party nominations in 2014, making the ban party policy. 

After that, Trudeau used the leverage of government funding for summer student programs to force Christian groups to sign an attestation to Liberal Party values about radical transgenderism and "reproductive rights" which is Liberal double-speak for abortion.

Up to 1400 Christian charities were denied funding over the decision. 

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