The media party desperately wants to see Danielle Smith lose the Alberta election

Ezra Levant spoke on the legacy media, particularly the CBC, doing everything they can to prop up Rachel Notley to win Alberta’s provincial election.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how the CBC has been weaponized against Danielle Smith throughout the Alberta provincial election.

He talked about a poll the CBC released yesterday:

I mean, the CBC couldn't be more absurd in their partisanship. The poll today suggests that Danielle Smith will indeed beat Rachel Notley on Monday. The polls suggest Smith's United Conservative Party will get 56 seats and not least NDP will get 31. That's still far too many for the socialists, but it's a solid majority. I'm not sure if I trust that poll, things are volatile and the NDP knows it's now or never. They're doing everything they can.

He went on to talk about how the CBC concocted a story about Danielle Smith instructing prosecutors to stop prosecuting lockdown offences.

The CBC has been absurd by the way, they concocted the story that Danielle Smith or her office sent emails to prosecutors telling them not to continue prosecuting lockdown offences. But every one of the 44 Alberta prosecutors who works on lockdown files said that none of them had ever received such an email from anyone. And all 32 staff in the Premier's office were to the same fact and a massive search of over a million emails done by the civil services IT department found not a single such email. The province's ethics commissioner, a former judge said she found no evidence of these emails at all. And yet the CBC continues literally to this day to claim that it happened. They're wicked liars. It's just insane. That's a conspiracy theory.

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