The psychological harms of prolonged mask wearing for kids | Dr. Chuck Geddes

Dr. Geddes discusses four key areas in which prolonged mask wearing may being psychologically harmful for our children.

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In this report, I sit down to interview Dr. Chuck Geddes, a registered child psychologist in British Columbia, the author of “Children and Complex Trauma: A Roadmap for Healing and Recovery” and the owner of Complex Trauma Resources, an organization which helps support children and families who have experienced significant stress and trauma.

Geddes discusses four key areas in which prolonged mask wearing may be psychologically harmful for our children. This may be seen through impairment to children’s development and increasing mental health problems manifesting through suicidal thoughts and obsessive compulsive disorder.

“The way that our brains work and develop is through our interactions, and our environment” Geddes said. When we cover some of those interactions up, “we are robbing children of all the stimulation that actually grows their brain networks, really around communication, around what it means to be a person in the world and about how to have these back and forth interactions” Geddes explains.

As Freedom Convoys to end all COVID-19 mandates spread across Canada, and the dominant Omicron variant continues to prove it's significantly less deadly than the preceding Delta variant, some provinces are beginning to drop COVID-19 restrictions, while others — like British Columbia — are adding more.

Starting Monday, Alberta children in grades K-12, will no longer be forced to wear a mask during class.

While the new found freedom may have some children jumping for joy — like those seen celebrating ditching their masks in a Las Vegas, Nevada elementary school — Alberta's decision is already facing backlash from those who think it’s too soon for children and their parents to have a choice.

Watch this full report to hear the important information Dr. Geddes has to say about masking children to help you decide for yourself, if you think it’s time to unmask our children.

If you've had enough with COVID-19 mandates and want to see them come to an end, visit

There, you can help fund the fight for freedom, with the bonus of a charitable tax receipt, and see a number of legal cases that The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, has taken on to try to set a legal precedent against vaccine mandates.

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