The truth about PCR testing | An0maly on Andrew Says #18

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'An0maly' is an independent hip-hop artist and political commentator with over 600 million views online, and approximately two million social media followers. He's appeared on Fox News' The Ingraham Angle and a litany of social media influencers' pages, managing to fairly criticize both sides of politics without loyalty to either major American party.

On Andrew Says episode 18, An0maly and Andrew take a deep dive into PCR testing, the World Health Organization, and the failure of both Conservative and Republican Party representatives to take concrete stances on today's pressing issues.

On RebelNews+ exclusively, An0maly reflects on his past appearances at the Women's March, revealing that he was actually a cameraman for one of political YouTube's biggest stars. Andrew and An0maly also review Alex Jones stopping a man from illegally transporting migrant children in Texas.

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