The WHO's flip-flop on lockdowns is too little, too late — the damage has already been done

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 The World Health Organization has a poor track record for getting it right the first time, don’t they?

Yet for some reason, health officials and politicians have allowed laws to be amended, and tyrannical restrictions to be imposed, based on the alleged wisdom from the WHO.

Well, as the old saying goes, even broken clocks are right twice per day.

The World Health Organization Director-General, Dr. David Nabarro, made a public plea for world leaders to stop using lockdowns as a primary way to handle the pandemic.

Of course this comes months after some leaders, scientists and medical professionals have spoken out against lockdowns.

U.S. President Donald Trump was quick to call out the WHO for being late to the common sense party.

It’s also months after we at Rebel News have been sounding the alarm about the social impact of lockdowns and destroyed economies. We’ve even helped to give a voice to the people, with our reporters on the ground relentlessly covering Canada and Australia’s anti-lockdown protests.

In today’s report, I discuss why the WHO’s plea is too little, too late for the forgotten, including thousands of children who have died because of the great lock-down.

News outlets like Forbes can suggest that people are taking Dr. Nabarro’s words out of context, but the evidence is clear: When it comes to lockdowns to address COVID-19, the cure has been far worse than the virus.

We at Rebel News try to give you the other side of the story — just like we’ve been doing with our coverage of the lockdowns that the World Health Organization is finally acknowledging was a bad idea.

If you appreciate what we do here, you can support our independent journalism by going to and chipping in towards our fight for truth.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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