There's a war on Christians in Canada — help us make a documentary about it

To tell the story properly, and to do it in a beautiful, visually compelling way, we need your help.

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The whole world likes Canada — they’ve always thought of us as a cold but friendly place where nothing much ever happens. And we Canadians like it that way; maybe we’re a bit boring but we’re nice and we’re tolerant. There’s a reason why one of our symbols is the friendly Mountie.

But then came the pandemic and the lockdowns. And a lot of people were surprised by just how unfriendly Canadians could be — and they were shocked at what the Mounties and other police were willing to do.

Especially the crackdown on Christian pastors just for keeping their churches open or even feeding the homeless in the street. (They called that an illegal gathering.) Brutal, shocking images of pastors being jailed and even police commandeering and occupying churches.

Shocking — but now so common that it barely even makes the news. The lockdowns are over, but the arrests of pastors hasn’t stopped. The precedent has been set; now Canadian pastors are being jailed for just speaking out against drag queen story time for young children.

Jailing Christian pastors is becoming normal in Canada. And if it happens in Canada today, you can bet it’s going to happen in America tomorrow.

We need to tell the story — a story of brutality the mainstream media has ignored, or even cheered on.

We need to make a special documentary about the persecution of Christians in Canada. And Rebel News is the only company that could do it — we’ve covered the stories for years, and we’ve even helped pay for lawyers to defend the pastors, when no one else would.

But I want this documentary to be something very special — I want it to have movie-theatre-quality production values, the kind of documentary that people would expect to see somewhere like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or even your local movieplex.

So to tell the story properly, and to do it in a beautiful, visually compelling way, we need your help. I’ll tell you why. But first, a bit more about the movie.

This documentary will uncover the truth about how the government’s response to the pandemic targeted Christians specifically, and why. This pains me very much as a Jew; and just like there were many righteous Gentiles who protected Jews when we were persecuted, I feel a special duty to speak up for Christians who are being demonized and even jailed.

So here at Rebel News we’ve decided to make the authoritative documentary film about the persecution of Christians in Canada.

But I need your help to get there. We normally do our citizen journalism on low-cost equipment — often just on our cellphones. Like I say, I want this movie to be special, so we need proper equipment, we need money for flights to interview the different pastors. We need to do a beautiful cinematic editing job. And obviously, we need to crowdfund this — since no mainstream movie company would ever fund it.

So will you help us make this movie? We know the story; we lived it with these pastors. Now we want to tell the world in a movie. If you give us the tools, we’ll finish the job.

Go to and help us get our equipment, our economy-class plane tickets and other items in our budget. We’ve laid it all out at that website.

Any amount helps — even $5. But if you can help more, please do — and we’ll even give you some fun perks if you can go beyond the call of duty.

For example, if you donate $100, we’ll give you a special DVD or digital download of the movie, with bonus content.

If you donate $250, we’ll send you a special edition T-shirt and access to a pre-release viewing with our Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid, Filmmaker Kian Simone and the pastors.

And if you feel particularly moved, and contribute $5,000 to this project, we’ll give you’ll get all of those perks I’ve mentioned, plus you'll be listed as an executive producer in the credits at the end of the movie. And there are even more perks, too, that you can see on our crowdfunding website,

We need to start this project right now, so there’s no time to waste. You can see what we need to make this film great. And you know that it has to be done right. I promise you we’ll live up to that.

So head to and help us make this amazing movie. And if you’re as excited as I am, please sign up for some of those amazing perks. I can hardly wait to see you at the world premiere!

With your help, we can bring the truth to light, and fight for the basic civil rights that our country was built on.

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