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“They're very easy targets”: Old Order Mennonite churches, schools shut by public health

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Old Order Mennonites have had their churches and schools forcibly closed following what the local health authority deemed an outbreak” of COVID-19.

In reality, the government just didn't like that these Mennonites refused to quit singing in church. Musical devotionals are part of the fabric of their faith, one local church official told Rebel News.

When charter rights are so brazenly trounced upon, most Canadians fight back — a public plea, or an action in court. For the Mennonites of Wellington County, that is not an option. The sect is extremely pacifistic. Confrontation, fighting, or rebellion of any kind is not just uncommon for them, it is completely contrary to their beliefs  and the legal compliance of the Mennonites has created the perfect opportunity for the province to act in a flagrantly unconstitutional manner.

The punishment is cruel and unusual. Unlike you and I, who might hop on a video call to attend church or school, the Mennonites don't have that option. After all, they don't have computers in their offices, cellphones in their pockets or even automobiles in their garages.

In fact, members of the community that I spoke with asked me to physically mail them a printed copy of this story when it was completed.

The churches have been closed for nearly two weeks now, and it is not clear when the collective punishment of this community will end.

Watch my report to see the travesty of what is happening in Wellington County. 

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