Think tank claims majority of Aussies willing to switch from gas

New research by the Australia Institute declares that most Australians are willing to make the switch to 'cleaner energy options' amid rising living costs pressures and the climate agenda push.

Think tank claims majority of Aussies willing to switch from gas
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According to a recent survey by the Australia Institute, a public policy think tank, the majority of Australians are willing to switch from gas to cleaner, cheaper energy options for their homes.

The study claims that about 55% of Australians are in favor of electrifying their homes, with environmental reasons being the biggest driver, followed by the potential for cheaper electricity bills.

The research also asserted that Australians are becoming increasingly less interested in petrol and diesel-run vehicles, with hybrid and electric alternatives being the preferred options.

Of those anticipating buying a new car within the next 10 years, one in four expect to buy electric while two in five say a hybrid car is on the cards.

The top motivators among those who have already purchased or are considering an electric vehicle are environmental concerns, reduced running costs, and the increasing cost of petrol and diesel.

The study claims Australians also showed a clear preference for electric appliances, with electric heating, hot water, and electric ovens being overwhelmingly preferred over gas counterparts.

"Our research shows that getting off gas isn’t just cheaper and cleaner – it’s also very popular with families struggling in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis," said Noah Schultz-Byard, SA director at the Australia Institute.

Schultz-Byard added that the biggest barrier to making the switch is the upfront cost of transition and urged the government to offer support to families opting to go electric.

"Electric homes, cars, and appliances underpinned by clean energy and battery storage will play a key role in confronting our economic and environmental concerns," he said.

Proclaimed experts say the findings will add further momentum for policies that foster expanded electrification with "co-benefits" for family budgets and the climate as the green marketing push dominates news headlines.

"Australians understand that electrification doesn’t just result in a safer climate for the next generation but can also help them make ends meet in the near term," said Schultz-Byard.

Overall, the survey claims that most Australians are willing to make the switch to cleaner energy options in order to combat climate change and rising living costs.

However, the high upfront costs of transitioning are still a significant barrier, with lobbyists arguing that the government needs to provide support to families opting to go electric.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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