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'This is nothing': Hundreds brave freezing cold, pouring rain to rally for freedom

Rain and cold weather were not going to deter these freedom-minded Calgarians from gathering to protest against Alberta's COVID restrictions.

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Calgarians have been rallying against overbearing COVID-19 restrictions and vaccines mandates for nearly two years now. Some feared in the early stages of these mandates that opposition may wind down and attendance at protests might decrease, but people’s passion for freedom in Calgary has only grown and so too have the rallies.

We have seen some familiar faces time and time again at protests — every week, without fail — since the very beginning.

With increasing restrictions, and particularly vaccine passports, we have also seen many new faces in attendance at these rallies.

People from increasingly diverse backgrounds, each with unique personal stories about how vaccine passports have adversely affected real Canadians, have contributed to a movement that started with dozens, and has now seen crowds of several thousand on numerous occasions.

Saturday served up a test for the resiliency of Calgary’s freedom family, in the form of cold and dreary weather and heavy rainfall.

When we heard that there were no plans to cancel the rally despite the rain, we headed out, not sure of how many would brave the wet weather in the name of freedom.

While attendance certainly did not rival some of the largest protests we have seen, we were impressed to see that hundreds were on location at Century Gardens and ready to march for freedom through downtown Calgary.

The fight for freedom lives on, rain or shine.

If you are one of the passionate people who will not relinquish the fight for medical freedom and privacy, you can go to now to sign our petition and to help our legal battles across Canada.

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