This is what REALLY happened at the Rally For Freedom in Melbourne

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On Saturday, Melbourne saw its largest lockdown protest yet. 

Did it really take a fifth lockdown to finally wake people up? 

Before the protest kicked off, Victoria Police assembled at Flinders Street Station, including some on horseback, and aggressively questioned and cautioned everyone passing through the area. 

But as more protesters arrived, the police quickly found themselves outnumbered, forcing them to retreat as the crowd overwhelmed them and broke through their police lines. 

As you would expect, the mainstream media had a very different take on what took place that day. According to them, "only hundreds of crazy conspiracy theorists were in attendance."

Unfortunately, the protest ended on a sour note. 

Once much of the crowd dispersed, police sprung into action and began to fine and arrest anyone who stayed behind, including my security guard Daniel, who was violently arrested and hauled off to jail while doing his job to keep me safe. 

Daniel has accompanied me during many of my reports, and since he's always had my back, it's time for me to return the favour. We are crowdfunding Daniel's legal fees, so if you want to pitch in, please click here. 


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