Thousands sign petition to sack 'E-Karen' within hours

In a matter of hours, thousands of signatures have been added to a petition demanding to sack Australia's contentious eSafety Commissioner.

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In mere hours, thousands have signed the petition calling for the immediate dismissal of Julie Inman Grant from her role as eSafety Commissioner, flooding the petition’s comments section with support for her removal. This surge in opposition starkly contradicts Inman Grant's claim that the average Australian supports her radical censorship agenda.

Rebel News is spearheading this call, urging the Australian government to take swift action against Inman Grant. Her recent attempt to enforce global censorship on social media, along with her national overreach, poses a severe threat to free speech and sets a dangerous precedent for government control over the internet.

While a role like the eSafety Commissioner could positively contribute to removing child sexual abuse material and protecting victims of actual online crimes, Inman Grant, dubbed "e-Karen," appears more focused on preventing Australians from seeing news events that the woke elite would prefer to hide.

Despite her failure to enforce global censorship, Inman Grant—a disgruntled former Twitter employee—continues her relentless efforts to suppress free speech and dominate the narrative within Australia. Thanks to Elon Musk and X (formerly Twitter) for resisting her attempts, but this victory only halts her global ambitions, not her local overreach. For example, a minimally violent video of a terror attack remains banned in Australia, even on X.

On June 3, she ordered the removal of a video exposing a "Queer Club" at an Australian primary school for children as young as seven. This overreach demonstrates the extent of her unchecked authority.

By signing and sharing our petition, we can demonstrate this to both the government, which allows her unchecked authority on taxpayer money, and the opposition that initially empowered this American-born tyrant.

It's worth noting that she could never attempt such overreach in her home country, the US, where free speech is protected by the Bill of Rights. Please sign and share the petition now if you agree it's time to remove America's worst import, E-Karen, who continues to test her government-backed powers.

Inman Grant claims her actions are to "keep us safe" — a line used by many during the COVID-19 pandemic to justify power grabs. The rhetoric and actions of this unelected eSafety Commissioner reveal a troubling trend towards increased censorship and governmental control over Australians' online content.

This infringes on our fundamental rights and undermines the principles of a free and democratic society. The direction the government is taking under Inman Grant's leadership is alarming and unacceptable.

Sign and share our petition at to demand the Australian government:

  1. Remove Julie Inman Grant from her position as eSafety Commissioner immediately.
  2. Review and reform the powers granted to the eSafety office to prevent future overreach.
  3. Commit to upholding freedom of speech and protecting the open internet globally, including Australia.

Our voices must be heard, and our rights must be protected. Stand with us in defending freedom of speech and pushing back against unwarranted censorship.

Sign and share this petition today to send a clear message to the Australian government: We will not tolerate the erosion of our freedoms.

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